Cierra los ojos y lánzate: Escucha el sonido de tu verdad (Spanish Edition)

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Pregunta 10 Al buscar temas para realizar un proyecto usted que tiene en cuenta, o que es lo mas importante que se debe de tener en cuenta para empezar? Que eficiencia no? Se acuerdan cuando uno intentaba sobarse la panza en circulos con una mano y con la otra darse palmaditas en la cabeza? Siempre hay los que buscan nuevos guiones para producir y otros como yo con guiones listos para desarrollar. Hoy respondo la pregunta 7 de la encuesta-entrevista aquella que he venido haciendo.

En Invitro Visual en Bogota, Colombia. Petersburg, FL. Hay muchos otros festivales a los que quiero ir y participar La luz es horrible pero la historia es muy buena modestia aparte. Hoy no voy a responder la pregunta correspondiente de la entrevista-encuesta que estaba haciendo. Today is my birthday and I should be happy right?

Well, life takes funny turns and gives me surprises that make me cry of both, happiness and sadness. I cannot understand myself. In a day like today memories of my childhood and happier times bring out rivers of melancholic emotions that explode out of my eyes. No one in the office has noticed them; they are mighty but quiet.

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If I add to these rivers the thought of possibly have ruined the best gift God gave me in the last year or so, my heart aches deeply. I see how the melancholic rivers start to overflow and even though I tried quickly to dry them with the napkins and tissues I have all over my desk they seem to be taking over myself, over my office. I hope no one is coming right now. These words feel like that rain Other times it doesn't. I've have to run to the bathroom praying to not be seen with the rivers pouring out of my eyes. Yes, today is my birthday and I should be happy My mom showed up at my door this morning, she knew what was going on inside my heart and rushed up-north to hug me.

Her hug made me feel less wet, less cold. Thank you mom for your warm hug and thank you God for reminding me she is the best gift you've ever given me. Looking for ways to light up my face I decided to think of my future niece, the one I decided to called Fatima for internal-reasons. Just to think of her toes makes me giggle.

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I googled "her" name and this is what I found: Fatima is an Arabic female given name, commonly used among Muslims. Fatima was the name of the favorite daughter of the prophet Muhammad, she was his only child to bear children. Note to myself, my sister and her husband Manuel: I think my niece is not going to be an only child which makes me believe this name is not for her. Me estas escuchando? A veces siento que le escribo a nadie y al aire. Esta bien siempre y cuando escriba no? Eso no esta bien todo escritor necesita ser leido, escuchado y respirado A medida que se empieza a trabajar con los actores en un proyecto determinado uno como director se va dando cuenta de las necesidades del actor.

Basada en eso, yo intento buscar la mejor manera de dirigirlos, apoyarlos, de sacar de ellos lo que sea necesario. Cuando voy hacer algo lo hago sin ninguna base predeterminada por otros directores. Tal vez el hecho de que me gusten ciertos directores y escritores hace que exista la posibilidad de su influencia en mi trabajo de manera indirecta pero no, nunca es una base ni mucho menos algo conciente. Fue fabuloso. Entiendes lo que digo? Cuando viajo estoy tan pendiente del mundo que me rodea y tan presente en el HOY que el pasado pierde importancia y se me olvida que existe el futuro.

No entiendo esta pregunta. El 3D por ahora se lo dejo a los grandes - y a mi novio que es Stereographer, es decir, el que se encarga del efecto 3D en un rodaje. Porque si.

Osho (1931–1990)

However, today almost a year later she has not only passed the first trimester of her second pregnancy but also she's finding out the sex of her little cheeto by tomorrow afternoon yupiiiii! I already declared to the family that the baby is going to be mine. My sister said yes, but only for short periods of time. Manuel - her husband - said no, the baby is his. Thank you God for such gift.

She had to be. The love she has for me is that of a mother and more. Our bond is so strong I have no words to describe it. She is going to kill me for saying that. I'm sorry mom. I know my mom is very proud of the relationship we have as sisters so this paragrah didn't really said much and completely contradicted itself.

This reminds me of us growing up sharing our room and always talking or playing before going to bed - she always had water for my mid-night thirst. Gracias Manu for such a nice and generous gesture. I know how hard it can be to go to sleep somewhere else while our busy everyday life. Yesterday I sent my sister a video of twins boys talking what it seems to be a secret language.

Have you seen it? Says one of them. Says the other one. I told her that sometimes I felt as if she was my twin. I smiled. My day went on and the warmth of this thought kept my heart pumping sweet blood throughout my body for hours.

Later that day my sister sent me an email. She blames the hormones that are making her super-ubber sensitive; I blame our surreal love for each other. One can only try. Please be patience with me and the things I say sometimes. Those words mean well they just tend to come out so wrong. The difference is that you come and go and I am still here, rooted in the earth holding you tight so you can come and go freely without getting lost. Por eso te adoro tanto porque estoy conectada contigo Her "hormones" got to me and tears run down my face. Thank you God for my sister and her baby Voy a ser tia!

Gracias Dios. Do I hear earthquake sounds? My mind is with California for some paranoiac reasons. Also because some intuition and internet readings and psychic readings and crazy thoughts and movie scenes and whatnot So, if you are there I would suggest you to take a vacation for the weekend.

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Why not if you can? After talking about the city and the touristy places they should visit while they're here they asked me about a Catholic church for their Sunday Mass. I suggested them to go to St. Patrick's Cathedral not only for touristy reasons but also for religious purposes. At that moment the wife asked me if I was going to go. Before I said anything about it her husband affirmed I was not a Catholic. He is a pastor and a Catholic author that I actually truly admire and his answer was some-how right. I've spoken to him about my "religious crisis" in the past and about the things that bother me about the Catholic church - the only one I really know.

I believe one should have the right and freedom to choose one's faith. I also believe as a parent of a child is your obligation to give this child some spiritual guidance the same way you give them health, academic education, love, support, etc. Parents should be supportive of this process and making mistakes should be seen as a way to learn. Some mistakes teach us very strong lessons.

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My parents did a great job in all these areas of my life but as I grew older and took different routes for my life I found the Catholic church a bit confusing and sometimes unfair. I started seen it more as a social institution than a spiritual way guiding place and of course my parents weren't too happy about that. I deeply value the example they gave me still give me with the way they live their life and their active experience at their church but this doesn't mean it works for me as good as it has worked for them.