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Denizens that may be encountered in the Library include any found in Dagon, Nyarlathotep, and R'lyeh. Located in each of the three levels of the Library are candles. Candles are most often located on the second floor of each level and only accessible from the top floor without other tools of ingress. Lighting all three Candles before reading from the Ritual of Binding book found on top of the final floor gives the Explorer the Good Ending. Failing to light all the Candles leads to the Bad Ending. This world can be found within Dagon, Nyarlathotep, and R'lyeh by discovering a secret room containing a Dusty Book.

This room is only found on on the second floor of the second level of each World and can be difficult to reach without mining its walls or thorough exploration. Each Shadow World is two map squares in size and contains a number of Artifacts. They also house a unique piece of equipment, none of which grant the player any special power. Instead these items are needed in order to achieve the Great Ending:. Where they are found appears to be locked to each World. These items are referred to in the Librarian's journal entries, which may be found in the Library.

This expansion adds a new level in the Antarctic mountains based on Lovecraft's novel At the Mountains of Madness. The level is initially predominated by ice and snow but slowly changes over ten floors into a massive mushroom cavern as the Explorer descends. Later floors are incredibly dark, making safe navigation a challenge. Several new Items, Denizens, and Hazards are introduced in this expansion:. The Mountains are more challenging than the original three worlds due to scarcity of resources, abundance of dangerous Denizens, and the length of the world itself.

If you are collecting all three Soul Orbs, this world can be passed over and is not mandatory. To leave this world, the Explorer must descend all ten levels to retrieve a pair of Plane Keys , located on an altar surrounded by Cultists, then ascend all the way back to the surface level.

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When the keys are taken, a black cloud first seen hovering above the alter the soul of the airplane's original owner? The cloud is harmless, but it may "cloud" your vision. Completing the Mountains of Madness returning to the plane with the keys , will end the game, restart the player with default spawning statistics i. A Jack-o'-Lantern can be found in the Library canteen. Activating the Jack-o'-Lantern will send the Explorer to a mostly barren, dimly-lit world, a single level three floors high. There are only two Denizens that may be encountered in this world: Jack-o'-Lantern Cultists and Shoggoths lots of Shoggoths.

This world contains plenty of Artifacts, Keys, Items, food, and ammo.

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There are small Jack-o'-Lanterns that can be destroyed to yield Artifacts. There are assorted piles of weapons and tools from all previous worlds. A random Prayer Alter will be present on the second or third floor, granting magic if prayed to. Unfortunately, guarding all this bountiful loot is a large number of Shoggoths, typically per floor. These are not only invincible but especially fast probably from all the sugar , often requiring the Explorer to grab whatever loot is found and run for it.

Escaping this world is done by activating a giant Jack-o'-Lantern located on the bottom floor, which will take the Explorer back to the Library along with any loot they're carrying. The Jack-o'-Lantern may be re-entered in the same run just as the other Worlds, allowing Explorers easy access to much-needed resources. Like the Mountains of Madness levels and the Asylum, the Trick or Treat world is completely optional if the Explorer intends to collect all three Souls.

Full of some of the most dangerous Denizens and nastiest hazards in the game, the goal is to rescue as many Lost Souls as possible, portrayed as white, glowing spheres sometimes trapped in the terrain. If the Explorer successfully ascends three levels they will be able to release the Lost Souls via the Soul Grinder.

It was only months and months afterwards, when I made the attempt to recover what was left of the body, that I heard the original quarrel arose from a misunderstanding about some hens.

Yes, two black hens. Fresleven—that was the fellow's name, a Dane—thought himself wronged somehow in the bargain, so he went ashore and started to hammer the chief of the village with a stick. Oh, it didn't surprise me in the least to hear this, and at the same time to be told that Fresleven was the gentlest, quietest creature that ever walked on two legs. No doubt he was; but he had been a couple of years already out there engaged in the noble cause, you know, and he probably felt the need at last of asserting his self-respect in some way.

Therefore he whacked the old nigger mercilessly, while a big crowd of his people watched him, thunderstruck, till some man—I was told the chief's son—in desperation at hearing the old chap yell, made a tentative jab with a spear at the white man—and of course it went quite easy between the shoulder-blades. Then the whole population cleared into the forest, expecting all kinds of calamities to happen, while, on the other hand, the steamer Fresleven commanded left also in a bad panic, in charge of the engineer, I believe.

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Afterwards nobody seemed to trouble much about Fresleven's remains, till I got out and stepped into his shoes. I couldn't let it rest, though; but when an opportunity offered at last to meet my predecessor, the grass growing through his ribs was tall enough to hide his bones. They were all there. The supernatural being had not been touched after he fell.

And the village was deserted, the huts gaped black, rotting, all askew within the fallen enclosures. A calamity had come to it, sure enough. The people had vanished. Mad terror had scattered them, men, women, and children, through the bush, and they had never returned. What became of the hens I don't know either. I should think the cause of progress got them, anyhow. However, through this glorious affair I got my appointment, before I had fairly begun to hope for it.

In a very few hours I arrived in a city that always makes me think of a whited sepulchre. Prejudice no doubt. I had no difficulty in finding the Company's offices. It was the biggest thing in the town, and everybody I met was full of it. They were going to run an over-sea empire, and make no end of coin by trade.

I slipped through one of these cracks, went up a swept and ungarnished staircase, as arid as a desert, and opened the first door I came to. Two women, one fat and the other slim, sat on straw-bottomed chairs, knitting black wool. The slim one got up and walked straight at me—still knitting with downcast eyes—and only just as I began to think of getting out of her way, as you would for a somnambulist, stood still, and looked up.

Her dress was as plain as an umbrella-cover, and she turned round without a word and preceded me into a waiting-room. I gave my name, and looked about.


Deal table in the middle, plain chairs all round the walls, on one end a large shining map, marked with all the colours of a rainbow. There was a vast amount of red—good to see at any time, because one knows that some real work is done in there, a deuce of a lot of blue, a little green, smears of orange, and, on the East Coast, a purple patch, to show where the jolly pioneers of progress drink the jolly lager-beer. However, I wasn't going into any of these. I was going into the yellow. Dead in the centre. And the river was there—fascinating—deadly—like a snake.

A door opened, a white-haired secretarial head, but wearing a compassionate expression, appeared, and a skinny forefinger beckoned me into the sanctuary. Its light was dim, and a heavy writing-desk squatted in the middle. From behind that structure came out an impression of pale plumpness in a frock-coat.

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The great man himself. He was five feet six, I should judge, and had his grip on the handle-end of ever so many millions. He shook hands, I fancy, murmured vaguely, was satisfied with my French. Bon Voyage. I believe I undertook amongst other things not to disclose any trade secrets.

Well, I am not going to. You know I am not used to such ceremonies, and there was something ominous in the atmosphere. It was just as though I had been let into some conspiracy—I don't know—something not quite right; and I was glad to get out.

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In the outer room the two women knitted black wool feverishly.