Eighteen Pieces. No. 12. Lespiègle

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David's Review Corner Very rarely heard in the concert hall in their entirety, the Eighteen Piano Pieces played separately can fall into the trap of being regarded as salon pieces. The Meditation is a rather unexpected title for a piece that at times becomes turbulent. The dance sections are played with a strict rhythm by the Moscow trained pianist, Konstantin Shamray The sound quality is good The bass is nice and firm, and the upper registers are free from clatter and clang.

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This is a model of a properly made piano recording. Show Basket. Tchaikovsky: Eighteen Piano Pieces, Op. Rate this Album. Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich. Composer s : Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich. Artist s : Shamray, Konstantin. Genre : Instrumental. Catalogue No: 8. Barcode : Shamray, Konstantin , piano. Naxos Records, a member of the Naxos Music Group.

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Claudio Colombo - 18 Piano Pieces, Op. 72 No. L'espiègle - Listen on Deezer

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Cookie Policy. Server interruption is expected and when it occurs, you may occasionally see messages like "connection reset", "cannot find server" or "page cannot be displayed" on the website. Service on Naxos may be affected at these times. Welcome to Naxos Records. Keyword Search. Back Cover Image. The "Scherzo-fantaisie", No. Pletnev has no problem with the aphoristic quality of the whole cycle. You're confronted with the same problem when you play the Chopin Preludes: seeking and finding unity in the diversity.

I would call this a diary, a musical diary - filled with ideas and associations, then turning to thoughts about friends or to simple melodies that might occur to one while out walking. Is it a last work, perhaps even a musical farewell? Pletnev doesn't think so: "One hardly senses that, or at most only peripherally. It isn't music of mourning.

Every great composer deals with dying, with death, and by no means only as an old man! A few days later he sounded more reconciled to the project: "I'm continuing to turn out these musical pancakes. Funny thing: the more I do it, the more I enjoy it, and the easier I find the work. I don't see anything pejorative in that. Schubert and Chopin wrote exclusively for the salon. Tchaikovsky himself admitted to having stolen this and that, here and there. But let's not forget: all classical works make us think of other music - it's the task of the genius to put it in a new, higher context.

Tchaikovsky: 18 Piano Pieces

Even Mozart stole from a Clementi sonata in the Magic Flute. The Magic Flute is still performed, however, while Clementi is forgotten. And how does Pletnev cope with unplayability? Pletnev can only smile at this. What used to be considered barely playable can now be mastered by a beginner.

I'll tell you this: Tchaikovsky is easy - Hummel is really hard, incomparably harder. Or like the tennis star Roger Federer, who gets hopping mad over a fault. That kind of thing can be a burden. What's crucial, by the way, isn't what happens in the fingers, but in the head. I'm very moody. Today I'm a perfectionist; tomorrow I'm an anarchist. My interpretative freedom is boundless. I will not play what's in the notes. I will play what's behind the notes, between the notes.

You have to be true to the spirit of a work, not merely to the letter. Analysis is always linked with emotion. You can't separate them. He was born in Archangel, Russia, in His parents were both musicians, and Pletnev displayed exceptional musical talent from an early age.

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When he was 13, he began to study the piano at the Moscow Conservatory with the famous pianists and teachers Jacob Flier and Lev Vlasenko. He founds the Russian National Orchestra, which, under his leadership, soon achieves international recognition. In the coming years he also appears as guest conductor abroad with such major organizations as the Philharmonia, London Symphony Orchestra, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Shortly afterwards it becomes the first Russian orchestra to tour Israel.

More By Claudio Colombo

Since then the ensemble has appeared in the United States, Asia, and Europe, as well as at international music festivals from Lucerne to Edinburgh. Receives rave reviews for his Beethoven and Rachmaninov performances under Slatkin and Ashkenazy in London. Performs with Claudio Abbado and the Berliner Philharmoniker at the Europa Konzert , televised and broadcast worldwide from the Philharmonie.

Invited to perform as soloist under Long Yu in Beijing in December at the inaugural concert of the newly established China Philharmonic Orchestra.

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