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It focuses on sustainability and quality of life within the context of the past, present, and future. By expanding your boundaries, there is no telling what you might accomplish. That is why we challenge our students, staff and partners every day to discover and develop their talents, as part of a journey that transcends the limits of their own professional field and immediate environment.

The future calls for enterprising and resourceful professionals who know how to translate their knowledge into innovative solutions and who have the vision and courage needed to look beyond their own professional field. The established theory will be explored the past , and current cases and contemporary issues will be examined and debated present. To provide a future perspective, scenario planning will feature in the development of policy and planning in leisure and tourism.

You are stimulated to think creatively about the future direction of the industry and your career.

You will deepen your professional knowledge and identify new opportunities for career and personal development. This is your chance to study at one of the most respected institutions of higher education in hospitality and tourism in Europe.

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Our multi-campus university of applied sciences encompasses an international focus which provides you with international experience. You get the chance to study a module in the main campus in Holland as part of this program. This is a unique way for students and graduates to distinguish themselves in the tourism industry and a great opportunity to expand their international network. Work experience in related fields is not required but is recommended. After processing your written application and meeting the overall requirements you will be given a date for a University entrance interview.

After the entrance interview, you will receive an offer of entry. Do you want to be a leisure, tourism and events specialist, managing projects and developments at the forefront of the industry? Do you want to learn the skills necessary for steering the future of the sector? This program prepares you to do just that. Leisure, tourism, and events are regarded as key drivers for economic progress given its power to generate jobs and income.

The social and environmental impacts should not be overlooked: tourism affects the quality of life of tourists and locals. The program prepares you to become a responsible future leader. Within the program, the emphasis is placed on a sustainable approach towards leisure and tourism and the impacts of leisure and tourism on the quality of life. The program is accredited with a triple good rating by the Dutch and Flemish Accreditation Organization.

This makes the program one of the best in its field. Getting to know how to work with scenario planning, an essential skill for leisure and tourism managers. In this module, you will learn to explore and explain contributions that philosophy, psychology, sociology, geography, and economics make to the field of leisure and tourism. The module has a strong emphasis on the relationship between leisure and tourism and sustainability. The concept of quality of life has become increasingly important in the field of leisure and tourism.

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Assessing and interpreting the quality of life in relation to leisure and tourism requires critical and analytical thinking. The complexity of quality of life is the central aspect of the module and you will be challenged to critically analyze this.

This module focuses on the understanding and critical analysis of leisure and tourism public policy and planning processes, contexts and settings. It is essential for future decision makers in the leisure and tourism industry to develop a clear understanding of the theories and approaches from which policy and planning can be developed; the forces which shape leisure and tourism policy, planning, and development; and the impact policy has on society and the political system. The three research modules prepare you to write your independent thesis by exploring how to define a contemporary leisure and tourism research topic, how to write a well-balanced and detailed research proposal, and how to perform appropriate data collection and analysis.

This includes entrepreneurship, innovative concepts, and business perspectives. This module is an accelerated research-based program. It is designed to provide you with the opportunity to accrue the skills, framework, and learning experiences necessary to create business opportunities in service-oriented organizations, or new companies, by applying entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives.

This elective addresses key concepts that help to understand how to manage an events organization and how to create competitive advantages imperative to success. At the start of the program, you are assigned a coach who will personally guide you during the entire program and will help you to think critically about yourself, your way of learning and your future career.

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That is the strength of Stenden University of Applied Sciences - Qatar: in a rapidly changing world, our people make the impossible possible. Horng, J. Tourism and hospitality higher education in Taiwan: Past, present, and future. Curriculum analysis of foods and beverage management of technological and vocational education in Taiwan. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 9 2 , Jayawardena, C.

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Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Project Vanguard for Excellence in Tourism. Taipei: Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Sangpikul, A.

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Internationalization of hospitality and tourism higher education: A perspective from Thailand. Times Higher Education. The World University Rankings Wisansing, J. User Username Password Remember me. Notifications View Subscribe. Abstract The main purpose of this study is to explore the ways in which internationalization of hospitality education in Taiwan has grown and changed over time.

Full Text: PDF. References An education in internationalization. Taipei Times, 8. Challenging the National Development Plan. Koutsantoni, D. Definitions: what is internationalization?