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This set of reactions is perfect for a magic show as well as a chemistry demonstration. You can use household ingredients to observe color change chemistry. For example, red cabbage juice changes color in response to pH changes when it is mixed with other chemicals. No dangerous chemicals are needed, plus you can use the juice to make homemade pH paper, which will change color when used to test home or lab chemicals.

The classic 'blue bottle' color change reaction uses methylene blue in a reaction that changes color from clear to blue and back to blue. You can use a pH indicator solution to display a rainbow of colors. All you need is the right indicator and either a glass tube containing indicator solution and a pH gradient or else a series of test tubes at different pH values. Two indicators that work well for this color change are Universal Indicator and red cabbage juice. Make a pH Rainbow Wand. The Old Nassau reaction is popular as a Halloween chemistry demonstration because the chemical solution changes from orange to black.

The traditional form of the demonstration uses mercury chloride, so this reaction is not commonly seen anymore because the solution shouldn't be poured down the drain. Try the Old Nassau Reaction. The "Hot and Cold Valentine" is a temperature dependent color change that goes from pink to colorless and back to pink.

The reaction uses the common indicator phenolphthalein. The "Vanishing Valentine" uses a resazurin solution that starts out blue. After a matter of minutes, this solution becomes clear. When the flask is swirled, the contents change to pink. The liquid again becomes colorless and can be cycled through the clear-to-pink cycle multiple times.

You can use indigo carmine to prepare a solution that changes color from green to red, making an excellent Christmas chemistry demonstration. Martin Exner has established the volunteer association Coding Pirates helping children to develop their IT skills and to become creators of IT instead of merely consumers.

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Mariana established the Academy of Climbing to offer activity-based opportunities for children and to stimulate the development of their self-confidence along with physical health. Interactive textile book for children with autism to be used as a learning tool and a toy. It is an innovative way to help children with autism to be more independent.

Regina is addressing the gender gap in ICT by connecting girls to female computer science and engineering pros who teach and inspire the youth.

Girls in the program learn critical thinking skills they need to solve problems in their communities, to build their confidence and to set them on a path to become future leaders and tech innovators. Within the project, each child gets a student-mentors, who will not only help a child to get better grades in school, but also will become his friend, an example and a role model. Students-mentors will help pupils to believe in themselves and find talents to be developed, through formal and informal teaching methods.

Many children get injured on playgrounds each year in Estonia.

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Many injuries that could be prevented. Getter Toome aims to reduce these injuries in an inspiring way through her developed play and tools for both children and teachers.

Florence Adu is the co-founder of LEAP Transmedia which develops educational content and programming for multimedia channels to boost the literacy and numeracy curriculum. Vladimir Kowalski and his Extreme Sports Federation give children and teenagers an opportunity to achieve self-fulfillment through extreme sports activities. They offer part time jobs to youth aged 14 — 19, who in turn visit elderly at nursing homes, who often are lonely and inactive. Susan Sabaa works with children who are in or have been released from the juvenile justice system, to reintegrate them into the community.

Latvian specialists developed education, training and therapeutic system called "Pedagogy of Love" that is being implemented in the LoveHouse. This unique system is teaching children to love the life. Saidzhan helps to implement and develop the culture of wearing reflective clothing and accessories, as well as to make them available for sale. We strengthen self-confidence of youth without parental care for independence and labor market integration with specialized trainings in CV development, coordinating finances and networking with employers.

The graduate of SOS Children's Villages Svetlana believes that every kid needs a mentor, who can give a positive example, especially kids from SOS villages and orphanages. That is why she decided to start mentoring program for orphans. This means that children and youth in Rwanda need to be supported, empowered and encouraged as they have a crucial role in the future of the country. Kayisire Jacques has developed a Football and ICT Skills Training program which helps rejuvenate the Rwandan youth, increase their self-esteem, promote peace, reconciliation and unity and inspire a joyful spirit.

The program will empower children through both football and computer skills.


Pelle Plesner has established the volunteer association FitforKids providing a special weight loss program for overweight and inactive children. It brings the children energy and happiness and provides the families with excellent conditions to begin a new and healthier lifestyle. Speech therapy services in Croatia are centralized and usually offered with a long waiting periods. This project offers online speech diagnostics and therapy for all who need it, without space or time limitations.

New connections are formed and those that already exist, are strengthened. The eyesight is optimized as to improve the signals the brain receives, and the coordination is strengthened through many different, fun and diversified exercises. This allows for a more diversified and inclusive way of education, both for the many and for the vulnerable and challenged few. The mission is to research, organize, support, expand and strengthen the activities of human rights organizations as well as women and youth groups.

Yerlan has created a special dog therapy center to help children with mental disabilities and special needs, who were recognized by official medicine as hopeless. Dana identified the gap in the educational system and child upbringing, the period, where parents don't hear or understand the child needs and created the program for parents and children on how to close that gap. Because this gap exists in many families, regardless of the child specifics, this child even from a very good family may have problems with education and behavioural issues in the future, this child may become a bully or be bullied.

Through education, economic empowerment and community mobilization, Challenging Heights targets at- risk, poor families to explain the dangers of child trafficking and to address the root cause of slavery. Anna and her team build multifunctional sports grounds in Almaty, making sport accessible for all children including children from dysfunctional families who don't have opportunity to buy special equipment. The idea of Smart Kids, created by Mirko, is to bring innovative solutions in children's education using new and modern technologies. Jean Toningar produces an award-winning cereal that parents can learn to make on their own, in order to prevent malnutrition among children in Chad.

Michael's social enterprise promotes safety among children and youths by striving to prevent traffic accidents, falls, fires, drownings, suffocations and more. Creating healthy sleeping routines for babies are extremely important. Merit and her team support young parents with the tools and knowledge for healthy sleeping habits for their children through consultations both at home and online. Young Folks LV is an organisation that empowers youngsters and helps them develop their skills and realise their full potential. Organisation provides various activities for youngsters, like School of Profession, leadership program Realitychangers, photography, painting, swimming and math lessons, as well as a summer camp for small kids, where youngsters become the leaders and project managers.

The mission of Geograf BG is to make science interesting for children by providing high quality web content and creative workshops, through which children can have fun while making great discoveries. The Teahouse of Maya Doneva and Stoyana Stoeva aims to provide first job to young people raised in institutions as an instrument for achieving independent lifestyle and social environment of high quality. Children attending are either taken out of class or receive teaching in their school-holidays.

Ole Male aims to support the mothers of children with disabilities helping them maintain financial stability by promoting and selling their handmade products.

Briefing: Solutions for the Housing Shortage

Peter Kwarteng strives to reduce the mortality rate of newborns by giving health personnel easy access to life-saving information through movile phones. His work is improving the chances of survival for vulnerable babies through education, institutional networking and financial support for critical emergency medical care. Mentoring program of Children charity club helps children regardless the economic status of their parents to get the education in prestigious university.

Harriet Cordelia Nielsen has created Askov Ridecenter's "The Unique Offer" for physically, socially and educationally challenged children. The combination of horseback riding and educational training gives the children the opportunity of participating at school on more equal terms. Clarissa Meister-Petersen has created Filiorum and the initiative "Dramatic Art on the School Timetable", an innovative learning concept that integrates professional theatrical performances with courses of study that are tailor-made for the specific pupils and the individual schools.

Nugayeva Alesya is an art-therapist, she realizes creative art-projects: decorations, articles, playing grounds made from salvage.

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Per Nygaard has created "NinjaSkolen", for children that have difficulties believing their abilities. Through role-playing, idolizing, training and playing hese children can become more confident about their own strenghts, have their self-esteem and courage level elevated and establish a better body awareness.

Innovative program, designed to teach children Emotional Intelligence through the care for animals. Minutes of Stillness gives children tools to become more relaxed, focused, attentive, creative and self-aware by offering teachers and parents a variety of easy and practical awareness exercises, that can be used in schools, at home or other places. Noella Thindwa provides entrepreneurship training for single mothers ages 13 to 18, as well as a network of free, bilingual nurseries for their children. Through her NGO, Deborah aims to inspire the creation, ensure the production and facilitate the distribution of enthralling, high quality, culturally relevant literary content by African writers and illustrators for African children.

Emilian and Teodor created IT center in an underdeveloped part of Bulgaria where they teach children free IT courses, broadening their horizons and influencing their ways of life. Aliya Arkharova — the mother of a child with autism and the author of a program that creates new possibilities for children with autism and changes the atitude of the society towards them. Felix Fitness offers programs that promotes water safety by educating students and informing beach and hotel managers about proper safety precautions.

Using education and advocacy, Felix has raised awareness about the risks of water activities and how to prevent drownings. He has also equipped hundreds of young people with water safety, rescue and CPR skills. Through basketball, life skills training and a mentoring programme, Marie-Eve and Mohammed's social enterprise encourages children from deprived communities to become agents of change. In the week period the children will exchange their mandatory school attendance from their normal schools to the HKA, where focus is on becoming healthy again.

Tamilya believes that for small kids their connection with mother is very important. That is why together with her team she opened a co-working center with the playroom and a nanny where women can work near their children. Veselina Feldman proposes a modern innovative therapy — Equine-Assisted Therapy - for improving functioning and quality of life for children with disabilities.

Solutions for Change

Social care center for underage mothers and mothers, who are abused in a family. In the center mothers will get professional psychological support, learn how to take care of their baby, different profession skills and will receive help to finish school. The mission of Safe House foundation is to prevent human trafficking and to provide support to victims. Street Library brings mobile libraries to rural communities in order to promote literacy and educational curiosity among children in rural areas. Maritime HUB project combines heritage, sailing and social skills development to assist children growing up without parents or adequate parental care.

Children from social care institutions are involved in learning and development of skills that help them achieve independence.