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El dolor y la pena ahora tiene rostro, personas sufriendo, monstruos en los derredores, fuego que engulle, llantos, sangre; era una calamidad como ninguna otra. Sea lo que sea me va a hacer estallar la cabeza. Fue hacia ellos y la recibieron con un fuerte abrazo. Le damos comida y parece muy quieto. Se llama Bakka. Me sigue pareciendo un poco cruel.

Cuando menos que te receten algo para los dolores y que duermas mejor. Puede ser que no vieran algo; espero no sea el caso.

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David fue a por lo pedido. Aunque las pastillas ciertamente me quitan el dolor y me permitieron dormir. Pues nada, esas cosas suceden. Tratamos de buscarte pero La espada me la dieron unas personas, no las conozco pero me resultan tan familiares. Creo que me voy a acostar; me duele mucho la cabeza, de repente el dolor ha empeorado. Para esto hemos implantado tus recuerdos futuros. No solo tengo pesadillas.

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Tu destino rige sobre las bestias. Un monstruo hijo del flujo, humano y lobo. Quiso detenerla pero no pudo. Me han dado algunas noticias y creo que van a pasar un reporte de lo sucedido. Al cabo de unas horas estaban listos para irse.

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Translation - English II-Echoes of a War The night is of a rusty color, the sky is on fire, the rain is hot and the lightning blinds with its luminaire. It is an overwhelming, unreal vision; there are three people, their faces under the shelter of the shadows, covered by hoods. The vision of tragedy shown behind them seems to not exist to them; they are doing something, they have a sphere of a vibrant black color, they direct it at someone who is lying unconscious.

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In a flash the cries are no longer just sounds, they become people, they become moribund. The pain and grief now has a face, people suffering, monsters around, fire that engulfs, wails, blood; it was a calamity like no other. Abrupt is the return to consciousness; Kaze wakes up upset and scared, with sweat hugging his body. Far away from there another set of eyes open, red and venous; it was Marcus Mor'leg.

Marcus allowed the amazement to show in his gaze, he had felt a strong energy that was unknown to him and looked for it in some distant point outside of the window. There was only rain, lightning and a wind that threatened to wreak havoc. After the commotion, he looked at another point in the room, one where the shadows seemed to collect with a stronger force. No response was elicited, only a great figure that slipped through the huge window at a high speed and among the howling of the wind and rain; just the purple curtains gave him away.

Kaze inquired in his mind, looking for an answer to this dream which had tormented him for a couple of nights, but the more he inquired, the greater the pain that attacked his temples became. The door to his room opened and his brother David appeared. David paid no attention to the confused expression that his brother outlined. He knew of the nightmares that tormented him lately but he did not want to inquire so early, so she left him alone for now.

When he was finally alone in the room, Kaze watched his hands; his gaze was lost and some drops of sweat escaped from his forehead. He stood up and walked to the bathroom, and when he looked at himself in the mirror he investigated every detail of his face, looking for some answers to that dream, but none were given.

As he entered the kitchen, he took something for breakfast and his brother watched him without him noticing. Although probably with Sophia here that dream will be gone —he outlined a mischievous smile. When they died, she decided to continue her studies in a foreign country, they had only seen her again in rare and brief occasions.

Even so, Victor was always aware of her, until his children were older and had their own means of subsistence, and retreated to a cabin in the woods. The cabin was initially for sporadic use, not to stay in in it permanently; but he was a retired man and his children did not depend on him.

That's how one day he decided to stay there with his only companion, Sultan, a faithful Great Dane who had never left his side for nine years now. He stayed in touch with his children through a satellite phone and apart from some old friends, he felt no need to keep any old contacts. As for those two, both had enlisted in the armed forces as was the family tradition; their father was a highly decorated man who pre-retired after the death of his wife. When Kaze once completed his service, he got a well-paid job as an analyst in a private company of technological development, but David already had an impressive military career; special operations, training in adverse conditions, pilot training and also his experience in actual combat.

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The shadow of the greatness of their last name could not darken him; he had a bright future. They both had promising futures, and although they were able to move alone neither of them really wanted to. This was the house where all the memories of their mother remained, happy memories. They also got along very well, some occasional discrepancy was the most that could happen.

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Kaze was a little more introverted than David but both were quite cheerful. David had been living for a couple of years with a partner but after the break-up he came back home with his brother, not more than a few months ago. Two hours later they were in the train station waiting for her, the train was about to arrive.

David spoke to Kaze, but he did not seem to pay much attention. He was still tormented and could not understand well what it was. The images of his dreams began to haunt him during the day in increasingly vivid visions, as if they were becoming murky memories.

She went to them and they greeted her with a big hug. How have you been? Finally you — she said, referring to David — dropped the military haircut. Do we leave now? On their way home, they were talking about what had happened to them during that time; meanwhile, Kaze was not that immersed in the conversation, his headache did not go away.

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Sophia worriedly asked what was wrong, but he commented that he had had a few days of poor sleep and a small migraine. David told him that perhaps he should get a medical analysis done, in case it was something serious; he had waited until then because even if he refused, Sophia would also exert some pressure. When they arrived home, there was a dog lying next to the door, it was jet black with white tips on its four paws.