Mother Mary Speaks on the Cycle of Life, Death and Re-embodiment

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The last words she wrote of her autobiography are these:. When we started making arrangements for the surgery, I began to cry. You've done this to her! It was then that my friend called.

On her way to visit me, she stopped in the supermarket and bumped into a third person and told her about Judy. Haas's telephone number and within 48 hours we were at 91st and Park Avenue. Finally, to fast forward this story even more… I showed improvement within days on the Haas diet. There were setbacks over the years, but ultimately a total cure.

She earned degrees in nutritional biochemistry and cellular biology. Ten editions later, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, as it was renamed, has been translated into seven languages.

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Tribute to Elaine By Jodi Bager. Have you ever heard of The Butterfly Effect? So what term could be used to illustrate ostensibly small incidents which result in miraculous events? What term would you use to explain the tremendous impact that the work of one seemingly ordinary mother had on thousands of people the world over?

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What would you call that effect? The miracle of The Gottschall Effect is immeasurable: it gave so many of us back our lives. It gave so many of us back our children. It gave children back their parents and husbands back their wives.

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And for me, in addition to all this, The Gottschall Effect virtually changed the course of my life. The list of words I can use to describe Elaine are endless - She was energetic, spontaneous, funny, loving, fun-loving, hard-working, sympathetic, and generous of time and spirit.

Elaine was educated, driven, interested and interesting. Elaine was a party girl. Elaine loved wine with dinner, she loved wine with lunch, heck, Elaine loved wine before lunch! She loved her celebratory beer. Elaine loved eating and she loved food, and she loved SCD food best of all. Elaine was adventurous; she tried sushi for the first time, with me 3 years ago, and loved it - incredulous that she had lived a full 81 years without it. Elaine was ageless; she cultivated friends of all ages and with her there was no generation gap.

Elaine was witty; she often reminded us that her 6th Nobel Prize was won for her almond flour muffins. I thank you for this honour.

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You have been selfless in sharing your mother with all of us and for allowing this day to focus on this important part of her life. I know you know how spectacular she was, and to have spent so much of your lives sharing her with us shows that the generosity of spirit that was so much a part of her being, she undoubtedly passed on to the two of you.

From all of us, I thank you for lending us your mother. And please know that although the loss we feel is great, we know that you two have lost the most of all. Elaine, I know you are watching us. You will be proud of what we do. We know we will forever be guided by your forceful, nudging hand. We will continue to plant the seeds and we promise Elaine, we will prove worthy of the legacy you have entrusted to us. Elaine Gottschall passed away peacefully today, September 5, at p.

She is also survieved by her son-in-law Stu Herod and grandchildren, Megan and Matthew. The funeral will take place in Cobourg, Ontario on Friday, September 9, time to be announced. Anyone planning to attend should contact the funeral home below so appropriate arrangements can be made for afterward. We have lost a rare individual who lovingly held many lives in her hands and rescued them and was respected and adored by all of us.

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We must carry on what she worked on for half of her lifetime in the manner she would have wished. I am so sad, am in tears! It is a very sad news. Elaine was an angel that has changed many peoples lifes.

In Remembrance - Breaking the Vicious Cycle

She will always be remembered by me. Thank you for posting the information that I was about to pass on. I wish I could be at her funeral, but am unfortunately recovering from bacterial phnemonia which I probably got on the plane visiting my kids in NY last week. I don't think it would be wise to make the attempt, and I know that Elaine would understand. Besides being the strongest, most dynamic and energetic woman I've ever known, Elaine's powerful bright light was the beacon that brought so many of us health.

For at least the past 5 years after all, she'd say "I'm in my eigthies you know" , she and I joked about her death. What made it ironic, was that until just a few months ago, she had the energy of any five women I knew. I assured her that she still had way too much work to do, to quit any time soon. She'd pat me on the hand, fix me with her twinkly beautiful eyes, her impish grin and say "OK, a bit longer then".

There will never be another Elaine Gottschall. But there will unfortunately, continue to be IBD. While none of us may burn with the light of Elaine's passion, each and every one of us must hold up our own small candles to continue Elaine's mission and light the way for the coming generations. We must continue to make the difference. As I said to her son-in-law Stu earlier "Im sorry for your loss This is so sad for the world to loose such an amazing Lady. Dear List Members,.

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Today we lost a true heroine. Elaine was one of those rare individuals who, having found her way through her own personal crisis in the form of her young daughter's Ulcerative Colitis, feels compelled to help those who are still suffering. The journey from illness to health that she and her family took was long and fraught with uncertainty.

But at the end of that journey she turned back, retraced and mapped the route, so that others could follow in her path. In the process, she faced ridicule from the medical community and had to fight to be taken seriously. There are few individuals from whom I have learned so much or who have had such a profound effect on my life - not only that her work literally saved my life and gave me back control over my illness I will forever be thankful to Elaine for having the curiosity and drive to find out why her daughter was helped by the diet, and the courage and conviction to spread the word to those of us in need.

I am baffled. I read the post about Elaine's health a couple of weeks ago. And thought I'll write her note. With blurry eyes and a sniffley nose I will say that Yes Elaine saved my life too. I was not sure of how I could go on and look after my three lil girl's.

Doctors were not helpful.