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Now it's time for a different approach. It's time to break the Jew Taboo. Sex with Monsters by E. The Shape of Water could serve as a mene tekel for the American Empire, which has imposed its own form of human sacrifice, known as abortion, on its equally unwilling subjects. The Hollywood film industry has convinced us, in films like The Shape of Water , to have sex with the monster instead of killing him. Jewish Fables. In reality, he is a broker of obsolete ideas and virulent forms of social control.

His claim that happiness is nothing more than chemical reactions in the brain makes him a willing executioner of the Sackler family, creators of Oxycontin and the main culprits responsible for the current opioid epidemic. Jewish Fables exposes Harari as the prophet of failed ideas. Pastoral care trumped doctrinal conflict.

In Mar del Plata, the cathedral was surrounded by a howling mob of bare-breasted women who threatened to burn it to the ground. In Tucuman, a woman dressed as the Blessed Mother threw a bucket of pig blood and guts onto the sidewalk in front of the cathedral in a performance art rendition of the abortion of Jesus Christ. In Rome, the rancorous haggling over the footnotes to Amoris Laetitia threatened to plunge the Church into schism. The ballerinas had grown tired of doing yet another sex robot dance. A full-fledged anti-feminist rebellion was under way: all told four ballerinas were either pregnant or had already given birth.

And two of the ballerinas were leaving the Ballet. They had done the thing only a woman can do: they gave birth. They had borne children, and it set them free. And the ballerinas were also talking about God.


Jones on Scorsese by E. The Catholic Church has faced a succession of threats from the outside from proponents of the philosophy of the Enlightenment, a philosophy often referred to as secular humanism or secularism. More disturbingly, the Church is also under threat from forces supposedly inside the body of the Church, and often even more so from those who were within her family but have chosen to leave, the lapsed.

The latter, especially when they have a public persona, often constitute a formidable enemy, very often as a result of personal factors that leave them in an ambiguous position. Celebrity status often allows them to hide their main motivation and agenda from their often gullible and naive audiences. A notable example is the film director Martin Scorsese. Jones on Scorsese is an investigation into the Scorsese phenomenon. Jones shows with example after example the way that Scorsese attacks the figure of Christ both on the general psychological level and on the specifically sexual level, and, going even deeper, what lies behind those attacks.

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In this short book, Dr. Jones takes up a series of themes of great relevance to the Church and her position in the cultural and political situation today. To read it is to become much better informed about the interplay between Catholic doctrine and ethics; on the nature of opposition to the Church; and the ever pressing need to evangelize in a community that is either hostile or merely indifferent. Bishop Michael Msongazila invited E. Intrigued by the idea of a statesman-saint, Jones traveled to Tanzania to tell his story. What he found was not what he anticipated.

Instead of writing a hagiography, Jones wrote a cautionary tale about development economics that focuses on a broken pump in Komuge. Six miles from the second largest source of fresh water in the world, the village of Komuge was once a model of Ujaama socialism. Virtually every water pump in the Mara region is broken. Over them all stands Julius Nyerere. Understanding how it is true is the best way to understand why the pump in Komuge is still broken and what it will take to fix it. Whenever the state accepts the liceity of usurious contracts, everyone eventually gets saddled with unrepayable debt as the state allows the usurers to loot labor to pay for the usury burden.

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Capitalism posits the primacy of usury over human labor as the source of wealth and, therefore, as the most basic principle of the economy. In reality, capitalism is usury at the expense of labor. To conform with the Good, economics must subordinate itself to the moral law. By the mid 19th century, American writers were caught between conflicting philosophies and paradigms.

Just as Leo Marx's "The Machine in the Garden" looked at the conflict between pastoral and technological values, so The Angel and the Machine goes a step further and examines the conflicting paradigms at the heart of the culture's view of human nature. The book explicates this cultural phenomenon by examining the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, seeing him as the culmination of a tradition rooted in the history both of science and of religion.

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In April Michael Voris's homosexual past finally caught up with him. The crusading on-camera face of Church Militant TV who had been the scourge of homosexuals in the Catholic Church turned out to be a homosexual himself and tried to bring closure to the scandal by outing himself.

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But even if damage control brought about a quick fix, many questions remained unanswered. The Man Behind the Curtain addresses all of those questions. Islam and Logos by E. Many assume incorrectly that Islam is one coherent body of doctrine and action. After an introduction to the Iranian revolution and a history of earlier Islam, Islam and Logos turns to the significance of the concept of Logos, including an examination the nature of Islam in the light of Logos.

This book will be released later in paperback. Michael Jones tells the story of the culture wars between the Catholic Church and the Enlightenment over the last sixty years. The battle in America was fought in three areas: schools and education; obscenity; and the family and sexuality. The book examines: the significance of the law and the courts; the impact of the Second Vatican Council; the main sources of the attempted subversion of the Church; the battles the Church fought with the media; the existence of a fifth column within the Church; the new Americanism that attempts to reconcile the Church and modernity by seeing America as an ideal state; and finally, "Where now in the Church?

Best known for his priest-detective Father Brown, G. Chesterton also wrote numerous stories with lesser known detectives, among them Mr. Pond, whose eight adventures appear in Chesterton's final collection of detective stories, The Paradoxes of Mr.

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The five stories collected in Mr. Puddle's Paradox by James G. Bruen, Jr. Each of these brief stories first appeared in the American Chesterton Society's Gilbert magazine. The Jews and Moral Subversion , by E. Anti-Semitism, a racial concept in the sense of hatred of the Jews because of immutable and ineradicable racial characteristics, is wrong and has always been repudiated by the Church. However, a Christian must be anti-Jewish in the sense of opposing beliefs and actions of Jews that operate as a consequence of the Jewish rejection of Christ.

Many Jews try sincerely to live up to the moral law.

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Nevertheless, the Jews rejected Logos, the Reason for the universe and its redemption, and so rejected Christ, the Supernatural Messiah, in order to support anti-Christian revolutionary movements. This rejection of Logos has led directly to that cultural subversion and collapse of the moral order expressed in the title of this book. The Catholic Church and the Jews , by E. Michael Jones, concentrates on the key issues addressed in his extensive book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and explores relevant matters that have occurred since its publication.