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Dating a sugar baby is often about money. He spoke crisply, telling them there would be severe punishment for anyone who tried to get away.

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In fact, the hard labor required by their new owners in the United States would be pleasurable compared to the punishment they would take if they attempted an escape. The army officers shook hands with Rhodes and his foreman, then mounted their horses and led the procession southwestward. As the wagon Benjamin rode in rocked and bumped along the rough road, he sat on the floor in a corner, his knees pulled up close to his chest, and stared out into the hot, humid night.

The moon was a brilliant silver disk, clear edged and beautiful. Beyond the moon, the night sky was a black velvet canopy with countless stars twinkling in their sphere.

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Fixing his gaze on the stars, Benjamin moved his lips silently and said, It must be wonderful to be free to ride your chosen trails through the endless sky. Never to be locked up. Only to have your freedom forever. I wish I could be free like you. As the wagon rolled on, dipping into valleys and rising to the next crest, Robert and Nannie held hands. They rode silently, looking at their son from time to time.

At midnight, Captain Jameson called for the wagons to halt and make a circle in a shallow valley. Since the wagons were well loaded, he suggested that some of the slaves sleep on the ground, and he warned them once more of the penalty for trying to escape.

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His men built a fee in the center of the circle. As everyone else was settling down to sleep, the soldiers assigned to the first shift began to pace the perimeter of the circle, their eyes alert and muskets ready. Benjamin lay next to his parents on the soft grass. The flickering firelight allowed Nannie to see her son's wakefulness. Please go to sleep. Good night I love you. He watched the flames of the fire dance in the light wind. From time to time he saw the soldiers move into his line of sight as they patrolled the circle. Benjamin pondered what it would be like to be free to choose his own destiny.

He had been well educated by British teachers who had been hired by rancher Kent Rhodes. He knew English better than he knew the language of his tribe. If he could have the chance to make it on his own in Transvaal, he knew he would make his mark in the world. He would give his parents reason to be proud of him. But what could he ever become as a slave?

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He would spend his life using the strength in his body to make some American plantation owner rich. Then he would die and be forgotten as soon as they placed his body in the ground. Wasn't there more to life than this?

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Had he only been born to be a slave for some white man, then die and pass out of existence? He had heard white folks talk about a place above the sky called heaven. It was supposed to be much better than earth with all of its sickness, pain, and sorrow. He had heard one white man say there weren't any graveyards in heaven.

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And nobody ever got sick. Do rich people have slaves in heaven? Benjamin wondered. This God they talk about Or does He want everybody to be free? Everyone else seemed to be sleeping around him, but the night passed slowly for Benjamin. It wasn't yet dawn, but it had been some time since the soldiers had added any logs to the fire.

Now there was only a great heap of red coals with small flames flickering around the edges. The wind picked up and fanned the embers, whipping flakes of white ashes upward. Soon there was gray light over the mountain peaks to the east. Benjamin's eyes finally closed in sleep. He was just drifting off when a soldier moved about the circle and shouted for everyone to get up. It was another hot, humid day in Cape Town when the column of mounted soldiers and creaking wagons pulled into the compound of the Old Supreme Court buildings.

The slaves were ushered into a log structure where hundreds of other Negro men, women, and children were crammed. When Benjamin saw the other slaves, he felt his stomach tighten. Captain Charles Jameson collected his group of slaves just inside the door of the large building and said, "You will all stay here until the ship comes in tonight. Green, your new owner, will come and talk to you.

There are two floors of rooms in this building, so there will be enough space to sleep. But until Mr. Green has come, you will remain here with the other slaves. Their cries were mixed with the laughter of older children who had found space to play. Benjamin and his parents sat on the floor and talked to a slave family from a sheep ranch near Port Elizabeth. Benjamin found them as resigned to becoming slaves in America as were his parents.

The man seemed to read Benjamin's mind as he said, "It's no use to even think of trying to escape anywhere on this journey to Cape Town.

Ransom of Love

I know two slaves who tried it on the way here. Don't you know, they were caught by the British soldiers and punished severely. One of them died a few hours later, and the other one suffered a broken leg. The soldiers did nothing to relieve his pain. Perhaps after we are in our room overhead? Is this what you want for us?

I want us to escape, to go to Transvaal and live as free people. If we do not do something, we will be slaves for the rest of our lives. We must not try it. At nightfall, after dinner, the soldiers lit lanterns in the slave lodge, and the British officer in charge of the guards called for all of the slaves to gather in one place near the main door and sit on the floor. When they were seated, he went to the door and said something to someone outside. In a few moments, two men appeared. The larger man stood at the front of the crowd and said, "I know that most of you understand English, but if you have some friends who speak only your native language, make sure they understand what I say.

My name is Thomas Green. I am your temporary owner. Tomorrow morning at dawn, you will be put aboard the American slave ship Berkeley , which is docked in Table Bay.