Reel Tears - The Beverly Washburn Story

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We were in Long Beach and met there.

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He asked my mother about me, things like that. My agent had sent me on interviews, but I never got anything. In comes Jocko—under contract to the studio at the time. He walked through the lobby and recognized me. But, they took me on his say-so. It was the first part I ever had, and it had lots of lines. Real Indians were used as extras in the movie. Bonita Granville was very nice; but the main thing I remember about the picture was a trick played on Clayton Moore.

She cried when Old Yeller died - Las Vegas Sun Newspaper

When he did, those pants split wide open! Because the pants were so tight, it made it necessary for Clayton not to wear any underwear, because underwear lines would show. So, when those pants split—at the back, his whole butt stuck out! No one in the crew, cast or anyone, told him, and the director let the camera keep rolling—for a gag.

Beverly Washburn shares memories of making ‘Old Yeller’

It was hilarious Laughs. Beverly actually worked on television more than feature films.

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I had a crush on him. Rory was a really nice man.

He and I danced in one of them. I liked him a lot. I loved working with him. It was his first dramatic appearance—away from his comedy partner Bud Abbott, and he was so nervous. But so nice. Beverly relates many anecdotes about her childhood career which fortunately was a pleasant experience for her and which she remembers fondly as well as the many stars with whom she worked. Jack Benny was particularly kind and was like an uncle to her.

There are two aspects to her story that I find especially interesting — first, that the roles seemed to dry up for her in her twenties.


I think if I had to bet my money on anybody making a seamless transition to adult roles, it would be this exceptionally talented young woman. The second aspect to her story that intrigues me is how in later life, after many years of being out of business, with both her and her husband supporting themselves with a string of retail and fast food jobs when employment opportunities in their own fields went scarce, Beverly returned to acting as an extra on television.

To be an extra is to occupy the lowest tier in the acting profession. It is one not always appreciated by fans except, of course, for classic film fans — we notice everything or even, it seems, by the industry.

Beverly Washburn remembers Lou Costello

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