Reseller Strategy: Get Your Reseller to Pull Your Products Out of The Bag First

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Now with the simple click of a mouse you can buy products cheaply from thousands of suppliers spanning the globe, and resell these same products worldwide through numerous online marketplaces, or locally through community retailing opportunities like your weekend flea market-all for incredible profits.

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The new global marketplace has also created a second reason why buying and selling is not only the wave of the future, but also likely to become a large part of what makes up the new economy in industrialized nations such as the United States and Canada. It is no secret that manufacturing, technology and middle-management jobs continue to disappear daily, swallowed up by overseas economies with cheaper labor, raw product, and production costs.

In fact, some studies suggest the job drain in these areas is occurring at an alarming rate, faster than most people, including politicians and policy makers, are aware of or care to admit. Call centers in India, furniture manufacturing in Indonesia and chemical processing in China. The resulting fallout in North America is a dramatic increase in the numbers of new small-business start-ups. Many people who have been or who will soon be affected by the new global economy have chosen self-employment as a way to keep in tune with changing times, make money, and secure their long-term future.

History has taught us evolve or end up like the dinosaurs-extinct! When you consider the advantages of a buy-and-sell enterprise over traditional retail or service-provider businesses, it quickly becomes apparent why many people have wisely elected to buy and sell, and why buying and selling will make up a large percentage of new business startups and the new economy. Consider some of these reasons. The answer is simple-anyone. One of the best aspects about starting and operating a buy-and-sell venture is that everyone is qualified.

Buying and selling knows no boundaries-anyone with a need or desire to earn extra money, work from home or to start and own a business can buy and sell, regardless of age, experience, education and financial resources. This is perhaps what makes buying and selling the ultimate self-employment option for the vast majority of people; it's cheap, easy, quick and proven to work and generate huge profits. Imagine the flexibility that buying and selling offers.

You can buy and sell part time to pay off debts.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your POS Reseller Channel

You can buy and sell full time to replace your current income and in all likelihood earn more. You can buy and sell seasonally, enabling you to pursue other interests like travel.

Or you can buy and sell to help supplement your retirement income and stay active in your golden years. Here are five products that work well in this arena:. The potential to profit from buying and selling antiques is as great as the potential to lose money. Replicas, paying too much and purchasing items in poor condition are just three of the hazards you need to hone your knowledge and skills to guard against if you choose to buy and sell antiques.

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  6. However, those who do take the time required to become antique experts are usually rewarded with big profits and gratifying work. Antiques is a broad subject, so pick an area in which to specialize-furniture, art, farm implements or architectural antiques. The best places to dig up antique treasures include garage sales, auctions, estate sales and advertising placed by private sellers in the classifieds. Secondary buying sources will include flea markets, secondhand shops and online marketplaces. Always take along your antiques-hunter toolbox, which should include antique value guides, camera, flashlight, magnifying glass, angled mirror and measuring tape.

    The best way to sell for top dollar is directly to collectors via clubs, associations and shows. Next to selling to collectors, list on eBay and online antique buy-and-sell marketplaces, sell at flea markets, and sell directly from a home showroom supported by local advertising.

    Product Distribution Strategy: The Ultimate Guide [Infographic]

    You have the potential to hit the jackpot if you specialize in rare books such as first editions, antique and author-autographed copies. There are an infinite number of used books available at rock-bottom prices. You can buy them at garage sales, flea markets, online marketplaces, auctions, estate sales, library sales and secondhand shops. Even better, few people take the time to find out the true value of the books they are selling, and because of this, many rare and valuable books can be purchased in the process.

    You will want to invest in rare-book pricing guides so you are armed with the resources needed to make wise purchasing decisions. List books for sale on Amazon, eBay and any number of the used and collector book marketplaces on the net.

    Finding The Best Products To Sell Online:

    Also, if you plan on volume selling, be sure to invest in barcode scanning software such as Scanner Pal , which automatically scans all book information retrieved from the barcode for simple listing. Golf ranks as one of the most popular sports and recreational pastimes in North America, and you can make a bundle by selling new and used golf clubs and equipment. If you have some mechanical aptitude, you can dramatically increase profits by purchasing golf club components heads, shafts and grips wholesale, and assembling the clubs at home to meet your clients' individual needs.

    That is, you build custom clubs. Or if you're not the handy type, then you can purchase preassembled new clubs from wholesalers and manufacturers. Used golf clubs and accessories such as bags, electric carts and pull-carts can be bought at flea markets, garage sales, online golf portals, auction sales and estate sales. New and used clubs and accessories can be sold through eBay, via a homebased showroom supported by local and online advertising, and by exhibiting at golf shows.

    For the innovative entrepreneur, there are numerous ways to sell cosmetics and make a bundle. You can enlist contract salespeople to organize and host home cosmetics sales parties.

    How To Start Your eBay Side Hustle

    You can sell cosmetics in any number of online marketplaces, including eBay. You can establish a customer base via community advertising and direct contact methods like telemarketing and mail, and offer home delivery and consultations much like Mary Kay and Avon. You can rent kiosk space in malls and sell cosmetics on weekends. You can rent vendor space at fashion, health, and beauty shows and sell cosmetics.

    Or you can combine any or all of these selling methods to maximize sales and profits. The first step to getting started in cosmetics sales is to source a reliable supply of decent-quality cosmetics. The bad flea markets are the ones with more businesses or traditional antique sellers.

    2. Manufacturer suggested retail price: What is MSRP?

    Your job is to beat those people by finding the good stuff fast and easy. Thrift stores are the best for reselling. If you like to flip clothing there is nothing better than thrift stores. The big block thrift stores, Goodwill, Salvation army, Savers, Etc. These places can be great. However, I would suggest checking all of the smaller and more local thrift stores in your area. Sparking up a relationship with an employee would be a great idea too. You will hit a point as a reseller where you want people to start coming to you.

    This is where local ads on Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and other similar sites come in handy big time.

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    6. As a reseller you have to educate yourself on what works. If you explore the idea of local ads, be ready to dive nose deep into a large experimental process for your resale operation. You have to understand your niche. Reselling is a difficult thing if you have no sense of direction as a rookie. Being an incredible reseller takes time. I would highly suggest to define a niche, master it and then move to others.

      The most well known resellers and the American pickers. IF you watch the show they feel comfortable throwing a number on just about anything without doing prior research. You will get to that point as well so long as you take it serious. Work small, and then get big.

      Start off buying things you find interesting. It will make the whole process much more simple.

      When you buy something you need to have a rough estimate on your margin and understand the whole fee analysis before you make the purchase. With any business, you need to understand your margin. Reselling online is typically a very profitable thing because you will always pass up deals that are too slim of margin.

      This is how you can quickly calculate your margin. The fees involving marketplaces will crush your margin in most examples. This is why we created a marketplace free of fees. In order to sell online at high volumes you need a database of sold items. Luckily eBay has this feature in its sold listings section, Amazon has a similar feature in its app. Amazon allows you to see available listings and will show you where they think you should price your item to sell.

      Taking a look at the past data will give you a clear idea of the going rate where the item sells, and how quickly it will take to sell. These two metrics will help you identify a good flip and a bad one. It takes guts to be a reseller. Sometimes you will run into a situation where there is not prior data for the item you are trying to sell.

      In this scenario, you need to use your judgement and utilize past experiences to make that call. Flipping an item online is not always easy. When I spent my time as a reseller I wished that there was something made specifically for reselling. I wanted something that was easy to use, intuitive, but allowed me to feel empowered as a business owner.