RSVP: the laugh-out-loud romantic bestseller to help see in the new year

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The Hope family is visited unexpectedly one day by a big black dog, and all the Hopes are terrified until Small Hope shows them that even when facing a seemingly overwhelmingly large and frightening thing, there is nothing to be scared of really.

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With a liitle hope we can all face our own black dog and get it down to a manageable size. An important and rewarding tale. Learn all the skills a budding hero needs in this indispensable guide to the world of fantasy and legend. Filled with dragons, wizards, unicorns and much more, every page is packed with clever solutions to the challenges of being a hero. If you want to be a hero, this is definitely the handbook for you.

Bursting with maps, bone-chilling booklets, gruesome guides and much more.

Reward Yourself

Fancy being the leader of the whole universe? It is very easy with this fail-safe guide. Expert advice on everything from selecting a sidekick to buying the best battleship cruiser there is means that you will be able to be a butt-kicking baddy before your mother can blink. Chris Riddell remains a man with a dangerously sharp mind and a very funny drawing hand. Where do our clothes come from? And you say chocolate grows on trees, come on!

Find out in this hand-on guide to how we make most of the things we never think about. It is crammed with pop-ups and stuff and facts. Lots of facts even about toiletpaper. The essential hand-on guide for all young princesses, it is time to get practical! Work out what kind of princess you want to be, learn the pitfalls of modern princessing and discover the tricks you can use to appear as if you have always been royalty.

We have all read the book, loved the movie and now this ecological tale has been transformed into an elaborate pop-up edition. The text is the same as the original, but now there are things that pop and flap and hop and tabs to pull.

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In our world, we often call these chapter books, the stories are broken up into chapters so you can read one a night and feel like a genius which you are, as you are learning to read, which is one of the greatest skills there is, as great as being able to do somersaults. Have you met Claude? In this story Claude takes a trip to the countryside. The wild blue yonder turns out to be quite hard work when Claude becomes the stand-in farm dog for Mrs Cowpat.

What with lassoing and egg collecting, herding sheep and washing pigs Claude and his best friend Sir Bobblysock are quite worn out. What a dog, what a day! When Emily Vole inherits an abandoned shop, she discovers a magical world she did not know existed. With the help of a talking cat of course! Diary of a Wimpy Kid has definitely unleashed the concept of handwritten books that tell us what is happening inside the heads of our characters, and Dougal Trump is a great example of this.

A funny look at the life of a boy who just wants to play football and not do homework and has no idea why everyone always thinks it is all his fault! Imagine receiving a parcel in the post that contains a boy, perfect in every way. They soon grow fond of each other, but when the factory realises its mistake of delivering the parcel to the wrong address, the two have to come up with a brilliant plan to stick together forever. Who would get the biggest surprise, Pete — when an alien crash lands in his belly button, or the alien, Binko, when realising what his soft landing spot actually is!

We have become big fans of Agatha Parrot. She is one crazy girl who is not afraid of adventures. In her latest book, there is a magic battle on at the school and it turns out that the Zombie Bird is not what everyone thought it was a bird maybe? Reading this book will not turn you into a rabbit, but it will reveal the secret behind how the Pen of Destiny works.

How can you not want to read it? Fairy tales are definitely popular again and when two book geniuses join forces, it leads to magic.

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  4. Joan Aiken has teamed up with Quentin Blake in this telling of modern fairy tales. Yes there are kings and witches in this collection, but also singing blue shoes and a very pink snake and of course space football maybe even you can finally score a goal. This is a great gift book that will stay on your shelf till you are old and you wear your slippers to the shop.

    After a huge storm, Asa Brown find something strange in the garden pond. Do fairies really exist? Asa embarks on a mission to find out. A mission that leads him to the lost journals of local eccentric Benjamin Tooth who, two hundred years earlier, claimed to have discovered the existence of fairies. So I was happy to see this new page-turning adventure with knights, dragons and magical horses, emerge this year. After the Death of King Arthur, the path to the throne is now open to his evil nephew, Mordred. No one wants this to happen in Camelot, but what else could happen.

    Currently Mr McCool is a polar bear at the zoo, but he has plans. Plans to escape and the travel back to his true home, the North Pole. With a human boy and a furry sidekick for company, Mr McCool eventually sets sail, but the waters hold secrets and dangers. The story takes the author along on the journey and soon you see that friendships can be formed in the most unlikeliest places between the most unlikeliest of companions.

    Books By Helen Warner | LoveReading

    So if your surname was Horten and by ten years of age you were still really small, would you not also be upset if you parents called you Stuart, because on all your school books it will then say S. Horten shorten which will make everyone in class laugh at you.

    Totoy Abnoy'z New Year Laugh Out Loud

    Things are going from bad to worse for poor Stuart, as they move to a new town and he has to leave his few friends behind. But the town of Beeton seems to have some surprises up its sleeve. What starts out as fun exploring soon becomes dangerous when Stuart realises he will have to get help to see it through. Self-appointed sleuth, Bethesda Fielding is confident that she will be able to track down the culprit and save the class trip.

    See a Problem?

    With her tendency to find the right clues but jump to the wrong conclusions, Bethesda is a sort of lovable bumbler who does, in fact, eventually get her man, but not without insulting most of the eighth-grade class and nearly losing her best pal in the process. The book is full of great school humour, a bit of mystery and makes for an excellent holiday read.

    Cordelia Codd wants to be glamorous, but mostly she is trapped in misadventures and a very uncool school with two mean ex-best friends and problems at home. It reads as if Jacqueline Wilson swallowed a whoopee cushion. Inside the box is why they broke up. Two bottle caps, a movie ticket, a folded note, a box of matches, a protractor, books, a toy truck, a pair of ugly earrings, a comb from a motel room, and every other item collected over the course of a giddy, intimate, heartbreaking relationship.

    Item after item is illustrated and accounted for. The characters are vivid and talk about their feelings, experiences, and images in a run-on fashion for the story ultimately to come together. It is a beautiful, bittersweet love story and with the art work in between the text, it really is a special keepsake book.

    Hylas is barely making a life for himself in the mountains when he is attacked by mysterious warriors, covered in armour with bronze spears and their faces smeared with ash, they are unlike any other beings he has encountered. The black warriors want Hylas dead, not that he knows why. All he knows is that he needs try and escape and find his sister. Partnered with Pirra, the rebellious daughter of a High Priestess and a dilpine called Spirit, he tries to stay alive.

    Michelle Paver brought us the great Wolfbrother series, and once again she has done her research well. Gods and Warriors is set in the Greek Bronze Age, a time of chieftains, chariots and ancient magic. Evil has been destroyed, and the City has been established.

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