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The film does however feature several horse-related incidents. The idea of a horse kicking someone is obviously just comedy gold in Germany. The John Landis-directed gross-out comedy, featuring John Belushi and an emerging Kevin Bacon, received mixed reviews when it was released in , but has now turned into one of the biggest cult comedies of all time.

There's no rush Bruce. The German translation, Stirb langsam , of the s thriller that made Bruce Willis a household name doesn't really reflect its fast-paced content. The first film in this franchise featured beloved British actor Alan Rickman as maniacal German villain Hans Gruber, who definitely didn't die slowly after falling to his death from a skyscraper.

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Apparently the German translators of "Airplane! In Germany, who needs suspense? The Twilight films, based on Stephenie Meyer's book series, were a phenomenon that catapulted Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to stardom as neurotic, vampire-human couple Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. The German translators thought they were quite punny with this one.

Either way, there must have been a big high five in the room when they thought it up. Amy Schumer plays Amy in the film. For this comedy starring Amy Schumer, Germans decided to stick with an English title and simply called it "Dating Queen". They don't care about protagonists' names being included in film titles. They've only come to the cinema to see some sexy revenge.

The film - which was then year-old Lindsay Lohan's debut - is actually a remake of a film of the same name.

4 Awesome Young Adult Books for Intermediate German Reading Practice

Germany's news in English Search. Editions Austria Denmark France.

Germany Italy Norway. Spain Sweden Switzerland. News categories Berlin Munich Hamburg More…. But Zweig is a famous writer, having published dozens of fiction and non-fiction works before his death, and this is still a classic of German literature. The book follows the tale of a monarchist living in Austria shortly after the Nazi occupation; under the Nazis, supporters of the Habsburgs in Austria were persecuted and sentenced to death.

The monarchist maintains his sanity only through losing himself in the world of chess. This book is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to cross Zweig off their list of authors to read, or anyone who wants to learn about this dark period of German and Austrian history. It contains lots of vocabulary that involves psychology and psychiatry. Thomas Mann is one of the most famous and most prolific German authors. In the book, Mario, the narrator, describes a trip to Italy, where he meets a hypnotist named Cipolla, who uses his powers to control the people in a very fascist manner.

This book is ideal for anyone interested in the politics or history of s Europe, and will teach you plenty of historical and political vocabulary. Whether you decide to pick up one of these six books or to find your own easy German book, you should get started on German reading as soon as possible, following the tips above to facilitate your learning process.

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Telling Tales

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Mersa Matruh, Cairo, Spitfires over the Channel and the heroic exploits of RAF fighters in the first Greek campaign, all feature in these vivid stories. Everyone of them is concerned with the war in the air and its psychological effect on the men who fought it. The dustjacket of the latter features a distinctive Roger Furse design, showing two white wings.

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The story opens during the Battle of Britain, and concludes with the end of civilisation. After the Third World War and before the all-destroying Fourth , an underground kingdom is whimsically ruled over by the leader of the Gremlins, who alternately bullies his subjects and appeases them with sweet fruits called snozzberries. Overall the novel reads like a hastily written first draft, and is in dire need of editing.

Are heatwaves now the norm?

The book has subsequently remained out of print everywhere — apart from Holland, where it was reissued in Dahl was by now earning large sums from selling articles and short stories to American magazines. Most of the American reviewers were ecstatic about the collection. No worshipper of Chekhov, he. Henry, Maupassant and Maugham… The reader looking for sweetness, light, and subtle characterization will have to try another address.

His name in this instance is Roald Dahl. By Christmas , 7, copies of Someone Like You had been sold which Knopf told Dahl was a record for short stories , and the book reached its fourth printing by February The collection was less successful in Britain. Two of his best-known stories were written at this time, following a temporary rift with Patricia Neal. Both are about tyrannical husbands. The print-run of the first edition was much larger than that for Someone Like You — 24, copies, of which two-thirds had been sold by April.

Forester, and an enterprising British publisher, Charles Pick recently appointed managing director of Michael Joseph , were also on board. Pick had purchased a copy of Kiss Kiss to read on the voyage, and was very impressed by it.

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By the time the ship docked at Southampton, he had bought the U. As is evident from his bibliography, his earlier dealings with London publishers had been decidedly shortlived, mainly due to his dissatisfaction with the lack of promotion of his works, to which he attributed their poor sales. Published by Michael Joseph in October , Kiss Kiss turned out to be a much greater popular and critical success in the U.

Erotic Tales of Medieval Germany

Michael Joseph promptly brought the rights to the now out-of-print Someone Like You , reissuing this collection — along with two extra stories — in Both these books featured superb Charles E.