Stalked by Death (Touch of Death)

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This time, his plan involved kidnapping Karen Page, an actress. Death-Stalker used an elaborate charade.

However, this led to the intervention of both Daredevil and the Ghost Rider, and Death-Stalker had to retreat after being hit with a huge blast of hellfire. Daredevil later stumbled upon a meeting of criminals.

‘My stalker sent death threats, I had to act’

Death-Stalker first attempted to kill Daredevil, then abruptly decided to leave. The reason he chose to leave may simply have been to shadow DD to learn his secret identity. In any case, by his next appearance a few days later, he knew Matt Murdock was Daredevil. Death-Stalker started stalking Murdock and nearly killed him in an hospital room. However, the arrival of the Black Widow and the Avengers saved the hero. Death-Stalker then retained the services of a new trio of Ani-Men cat , ape and bird to capture Matt Murdock.

The Black Widow was present but, as she was wearing a heavy dress restricting her movements, she could only bring Bird-Man down before the other two absconded with Matt Murdock. The Ani-Men brought Murdock to confront Death-Stalker in a cemetery, where a grave had already been dug for Daredevil. Death-Stalker killed off his two henchmen, revealed that he knew Murdock was Daredevil, then revealed that he was actually the Exterminator.

Daredevil and Death-Stalker fought, and Daredevil smashed a nearby streetlight. As they fought in pitch darkness, the raging Death-Stalker accidentally rematerizalized with a part of his body inside a tombstone, and was instantly killed. Years later, his mother attempted to avenge him with the help of killer robots in the shape of little girls, but died before she could complete her vengeance.

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A minor villain called Death Ringer also gained Death-Stalker-like abilities for a time. Death-Stalker deliberately cultivates his Distinct Appearance by acting spooky, speaking with an otherworldly voice and so on. The lavender outfit is seen in his very first appearance, where he does not wear his better-known blue cloak and clothes.

This costume lasted but one panel. In the next issue, it has mysteriously mutated into the classic Death-Stalker costume. He has little problem with killing passerbies and henchmen, and in fact seems to enjoy it. He seems completely obsessed with his own image as a supernatural, demonic lord of evil, and will dramatically act like something out of an old horror movie. This includes numerous, numerous death threats, as in the quotes.

Stalked by Death (Touch of Death)

Sterling will also toy with his opponent so he can do his inexorable implacable nemesis of doom routine. At some points, he seemed more interested in making ominous threats and being involved in sinister machinations than in actually fighting or getting things done.

Death-Stalker is rather unstable. He will sometimes change his plans in mid-flight for no readily discernible reason. His sheer scariness and raw presence mean he can still be quite competent at assembling large criminal forces, though. It was just a combination of lucky coincidence, insanity and theatrical ranting. The Death-Stalker shows NO mercy to any potential foe! Can it be that you sense the power I hold?

My power…the power of death. I am death, Daredevil. Your death! You will die today, man in red. Whether by my touch, or by the infection that surely has begun in your wound… or by some nameless menace that waits in the swamp.

Do you understand? You cannot escape. This is the day of your death. Think about it? Can you feel it in your bones? Could have been a good Batman villain.

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