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Samuel Daniel sees judgment as obfuscated to some degree by custom, but also sees divine grace as sustaining both custom and judgment. Robert Dallington offers his readers a winding, twisting path to prudence. George Chapman synthesizes ideas from art theory and religious ceremony to suggest a remedy for fallible moral judgment. Parents: This work has no parents. Tweet Share. Master's Papers Deposit your masters paper, project or other capstone work.

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Better off staying a child. This album is an epoch for Pokey LaFarge. You feel it all over these 10 revelations. Nobody looks and sounds like me. Within a year of releasing their self-titled debut, the Nashville-based six-piece far surpassed their own expectations, winning a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album and earning six awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association. Now, with their first live album, Earls of Leicester offer up a selection of songs that fully capture the pure joy and supreme musicianship that propel their every performance.

And though their unbridled passion instantly stirs up a freewheeling energy, a closer listen reveals the profound mastery of skill infused into each performance. In that process, he adds, the Earls of Leicester eventually dug up decades-old instruments in order to achieve the ideal texture and tone they were seeking. For Douglas—a time Grammy Award-winner who founded the Earls of Leicester and produces all their material—that approach builds on a lifelong dedication to studying the music of Flatt and Scruggs.

Soon after hearing the Foggy Mountain Boys at age seven, he devoted himself to deconstructing their recordings, paying particular attention to the captivating Dobro work of Josh Graves. Douglas attended a number of Flatt and Scruggs concerts as a kid, and later played with each musician on separate occasions. Although his own prolific career as a musician and producer has kept him more than occupied over the years—including appearing on more than 1, albums, recording with the likes of Ray Charles, Dolly Parton, and Elvis Costello—Douglas was unable to shake his vision of one day revisiting the music of Flatt and Scruggs.

As Douglas points out, the most crucial factor in forming the Earls of Leicester was replicating the lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry that long fueled Flatt and Scruggs. But for Douglas, the most rewarding aspect of Earls of Leicester lies in playing for a live audience and witnessing their reaction firsthand.

The Adventures of Torto - Conceived in Liberty

And as the Earls of Leicester transport the audience into a much simpler era, the album ultimately fosters a tender connection with the past, a sense of promise for the future, and a newfound solace in the present moment. The sophomore effort from Oregon-bred trio Joseph, Good Luck, Kid is a road movie in album form, an odyssey at turns emotional, existential, and entirely literal.

With their intimate storytelling and restless intensity, Natalie Schepman and her sisters Allison and Meegan Closner detail that journey in songs that careen and sprawl and often soar, ultimately spinning a narrative of life-changing transformation. Spontaneously choosing their name on a trip to visit their grandfather in the Oregon town of Joseph, the band got their start playing backyard parties, and gradually amassed a devoted fanbase.

In reflecting on the quiet metamorphosis chronicled within Good Luck, Kid, Joseph hope that the album might spark a similar evolution in listeners. Their journey sparked a wider influence. In the years that followed, Coachella repeatedly tried to persuade them to reform the band: a ploy that was finally rewarded when JAMC made their big comeback in — accompanied by special guest Scarlett Johansson. I think it was to do with the fact, dare I say it, that wisdom comes with age.

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I felt pretty good about the quality of the songwriting, so I figured that would come through in the end if we just went in and played them the way I do live. While the performance and production are stellar, the songwriting finds Schneider in a particularly reflective mode.

But more often the album finds Schneider reflecting on marriage, parenthood, and mortality. One thing Schneider has excelled at in his career is bringing audiences back. Though he has received little national press or major label support, he has managed to become one of the biggest acts in Austin, if not in Texas.

His fans, who often discover him from being brought to his shows by their friends, are fiercely loyal. Many have attended dozens or even hundreds of shows.

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In retrospect, it appears inevitable that Bob Schneider would become an artist. He was born in Michigan and raised in Germany, where his father pursued a career as a professional opera singer. As a boy, Schneider studied piano and guitar, often performing at family parties and backing his father on drums at nightclubs throughout his youth in Germany and Texas. He went on to study art — his other primary passion and avocation — at the University of Texas El Paso, before moving to Austin and establishing himself as a musician.

He performs relentlessly, creates new music compulsively, writes poetry, and regularly shows his visual art in galleries around Austin.

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In the opening minutes of FREEMAN, the self-titled debut from his new band, Freeman addresses addiction and its aftermath with the combination of merciless self-inventory and artful songcraft that earned Ween one of the most devoted fan bases in contemporary pop. As bitter as it sounds, the track clears the air. Basically we were going through the motions, becoming a showcase band.

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I listened to a lot of Paul McCartney too, and I thought, if he can do this, break up the fucking Beatles, I can certainly break up Ween and be okay. Aaron Freeman has also turned his back on substance abuse, a fact that might concern fans who mistake intoxication for inspiration.

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This man, known for so long by another name, is finally free. It is a modern day hippie-spiritual, a tonic for those needing to put aside the mess of the daily grind. With luscious beds of strings, horns and well adorned towering walls of sound, Lifted finds Nash continuing his tradition of creating a sonic experience of feeling that is at once both vast and intimate — soaring and untamed at times, placid and sincerely personal at others. The studio became a sanctuary, a creative outlet where Nash reached a meditative state of escapism, which ultimately became the inspiration behind Lifted.

The creative process of writing, recording and producing Lifted allowed Nash to leave his own downhearted feelings about the political landscape of the recent elections and the deeper queries of purpose and life that supersede the material world. Nash wrote and recorded Lifted with the intention of achieving a sonic experience that will elevate the listener — that the feeling of peace, love and happiness which saturates the words and music can provide the same escape he achieved while creating the LP. Being able to finally use Plum Creek Sound to its utmost, Nash incorporated found sounds and field recordings from his Texas ranch to create a setting of the sounds that represent his Hill Country life.

Drums played in rain collection tanks, water rushing against the limestone, frogs and crickets in their habitats, and even a curious, yet guarded rattlesnake, all appear throughout the record. It may be a sound, a groove, a color, or even an object.

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Old things are inspiring. Whatever it is, when you find it, it spreads like a conflagration that is out of your control. A sing-along anthem of urgency, encouraging one to let go of yesterday and spring from the traps of worry in order to move onward and upward — rolling on, right here and right now. I had been down and low for a bit and really had to sing and write those feelings away, give them to the moment and find a better self in the end. What follows is an Americana-bred opus without equal.

May your ears be blessed and may your soul be lifted. Dobro master and time GRAMMY winner Jerry Douglas is to the resonator guitar what Jimi Hendrix was to the electric guitar, elevating, transforming, and reinventing the instrument in countless ways. Additionally, Douglas is a freewheeling, forward-thinking recording and touring artist whose output incorporates elements of country, bluegrass, rock, jazz, blues, and Celtic into his distinctive musical vision. Douglas shines and soars.

In addition to touring, Douglas has co-produced and performed on a series of platinum albums. As Jerry Douglas continues his incalculable influence on country, Americana, bluegrass and their many related genres, he forges ahead as a true pioneer in American music. Darlings shows Drew growing from his role in indie vanguard Broken Social Scene to create a breakthrough statement of personal artistry.

Darlings is also his first solo album that is truly, to put it bluntly, solo.