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Our goal is to create a sustainable mission by enlisting public support. No tax dollars are available for this.

We are partnering with the Town of Islip Animal Shelter in this project. At our clinics wounds are treated, infected teeth pulled, and flea and tick infestations treated by veterinarians. The animals are cared for with love and go home with careful instructions as to their recovery and care.

Original ways to meet an animal lover like yourself - Oven-Baked Tradition

Many of the people we are helping are living on Social Security checks, and often have very little financial resources, yet they share by buying food for pets that have been abandoned on the streets. Your donations will help keep this program going by providing all these services, allowing us to provide food to the pet caretakers in need, and surgical and medical services that will save many lives.

The Animal Lovers League has always been available to assist the Nassau County Animal Crimes Unit when called upon to care for and provide medical care for those animals seized in legal actions. Check our pages for some of their stories of finding new and loving homes. A recent case involved 60 cats taken from a hoarding case. The cats were traumatized and had upper respiratory infections. Only one passed away due to an incurable condition.

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After medical care and providing spay-neuter surgeries for all, 59 out of the 60 cats were successfully placed. Well, we are here to help! Here are some ways you can meet someone who loves cats and dogs as much as you do. You are a fan of Great Danes or canine freestyle? Chances are that there is a Facebook group out there especially for you, and in that group, other fans of Great Danes or canine freestyle…and amongst them, single fans!

What is great about Facebook groups compare to forums is that people use their real life identity so less weirdoes! Register to an agility class! Run that canicros race, or just go cheerleading!

Ava’s Ark: an animal lover whose passion is her profession

Try a new dog park! Do things with your dog that other dog lovers are incline to do, and your paths will eventually cross the right person! Birds of a feather flock together. If you love pets, your friends probably love them too. The ones you have not already met? Ask your friend about him or her before sending a private message, though.

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So you have seven cats. Maybe it is not a good thing to talk about your cats to everyone, every day. Nor it is a good idea to have a portrait of each one of your feline friends in your office.

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But whenever the topic is appropriate, yes, do talk about your cats.