The Bell Witch, Fact or Faked?

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I have to say I was intrigued to see just what this TV show had to offer upon seeing the trailer and whilst I may be two years or so behind the rest of the world in seeing it I still had to see just what it was all about. Unfortunately within the first 10 minutes or so I was already tutting, shaking my head and laughing at practically every scene. First off we see John and his friend Chad enter a diner. They order coffee but then an elderly chap comes over to them asking what interest they had in the Bell Witch.

When they ask this stranger if he knew anything about the witch he basically warns them not to go meddling in the woods because all strange things go on in there. But seriously, this elderly man reminded me of a certain character from the first couple of Friday the 13th movies - 'Crazy Ralph - "your dooooooomed"!

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Yeah, what a great welcome! After John has explained that he is a descendant of the Bell family the land owner soons welcomes them and shows them a memorial stone that has been placed under the tree in the middle of the field. He is no longer here to defend himself. He has many descendants alive today. Such a serious accusation or even suggestion against a man who is not even alive to defend himself requires proof beyond the shadow of any and all doubt.

There is no evidence that suggests they were "involved.

Psychic says she knows real story behind Bell Witch

TN probate records, including a Trustee's accounting of the estate settlement. How could Mrs. Batts have come back from the dead and haunted the Bells when she outlived them? In addition, John Bell was at a much higher socio-economic station than Mrs. Batts was estate valuation and settlement records clearly attest to this.

While this doesn't actually prove they were not "involved," it nevertheless provides strong evidence to that effect; and notwithstanding, Mrs. Batts outlived John Bell as stated above. Batts and Professor Richard Powell making eyes at each other and talking privately some distance away from everyone else.

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This was passed down through the witness' family, and I will not divulge the source per an agreement. John Bell had a well-documented dispute with Benjamin Batts over the sale of a slave. Benjamin and Kate Batts were not closely related. Many people err in "assuming" that Benjamin was Kate's husband or child, and that she concocted an "entity" to go after John Bell in retaliation. They couldn't afford them; estate records attest to this. It is clear why some people mistakenly thought the dispute was with Kate Batts they were assuming things, and 2 they were not paying attention to detail.

Where did the idea of it being a LAND deal come from? Same answer--assuming things and not paying enough attention to detail--but from a different dispute involving John Bell.

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John Bell had a little-known land dispute with Josiah Fort, another prominent farmer, around the year This is also listed in the Red River Baptist Church minutes; however, someone marked through the specific details in the original minute book. John Bell was married to Lucy Williams and they had a total of seven children.

Bell owned a plantation, not a store.

A George Bell no relation to John Bell of the Red River Settlement did in fact own the area's first store, about , which was four years prior to John Bell's arrival. Additionally, the area did not become known as Adams until , when it became Adams Station -- named for merchant and railroad stockholder, Reuben Adams. The railroad was not built through the area until , nearly 40 years after the disturbances.

For more information, see the Adams page. Answer: No, because not all male descendants have experienced misfortune. This only applied to Betsy Bell and Joshua Gardner. Many years later, a John Bell descendant, Charlie Willett, courted a lady with the Gardner surname for quite some time. They never married, and it is said that they were afraid the "Bell Witch" would disapprove of their union.

It is not known whether his marrying a Gardner had anything to do with the disturbances his family endured after moving to Mississippi. I am unaware of anything strange that happened as a result. For more Bell family genealogy, see the Genealogy page. Were these predictions real? The discussions and predictions make for great reading and are incorporated into several modern books, including mine.

It has been learned that John Bell, Jr. Either the "Bell Witch" erred in her predictions, or the author of the s book made them all up. This is corroborated in part by a copy of an estate sale poster hanging in the Adams Museum and Archives. For more information on John Bell, Jr.

Book-Related Questions. The only exceptions to this are the Ingram and Charles Bailey Bell books , because of their historical significance in shaping the legend, early on.

Blair Witch Project...fact or fiction?

And even so, I limit my commentary to issues of historical accuracy rather than the quality of the books themselves. From that point on , I researched the legend for the purpose of finding out what did and didn't happen, and to learn the history of the land and characters involved. My research included sources such as tax records, real estate records, census records, military records, pension records, birth and death records, probate records, old manuscripts, diaries, journals, family Bibles, church records, and lots of other information. I have interviewed hundreds of people, mainly descendants of those involved and people who claim to have had encounters with the " Bell Witch" in recent years.

It took 22 years of travel and expense to complete the initial research. My research continues; is the 30th anniversary. If I had wanted to do it for profit, I would have taken the high road and created an entirely fictitious version of the legend, along with a closure, so I that could land a TV or movie deal out of it.

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I am neither a profiteer nor an armchair historian. I like what I do, and my mission, as it relates to this extremely small part of my life Bell Witch is to simply get as much information out into the open as I can. The book is no different from any other such book -- consider the conversations between the characters as fiction; consider the many "stories" as factionalization; consider fact-like statements without footnotes as "most likely fact;" and consider footnoted statements as being pure fact.

Regarding my theories and views on spirituality, supernatural entities, etc.

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Remember, we are talking books here, not high school term papers. This method is more complete than a simple "bibliography," like you would see in a high school term paper. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. That the news reports were done by friends. They wanted it to look real which they did a good job at, but it's not real what so ever.

Source s :. Add a comment. That is funny wat that one person answered that you watched it on demand. I actually did just watch it On Demand lol. Any how it is fake. They never showed the witch or anything and was so not scary at all. Just like the part with the bloody sticks with body parts in it. I couldnt see what it even was but supposed to be a ear I hear.

I was searching the internet and stumbled on a paragraph from a site: "The three young film-makers eventually succumb to the dark forces of the forest and the film purports to be based on their footage, which survived them. An elaborate website www.

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But in keeping with the mock documentary spirit of the film, the website assumes that the events depicted in the film actually took place. It is about insecurity and it is very good at capturing the genuinely creepy fears that everybody has about being lost in the woods. Although the site at blairwitch.

I have yet to see the sequels to the first.