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The Oracle has problems of her own. Her bodyguard, Seraph , protects her from her enemies by never letting her stay at any one place for too long. However, an event occurs where the Oracle's original appearance or the Oracle herself is destroyed, forcing her to return in a new appearance. The Oracle promised to watch over the child after Rama-Kandra and Kamala left the Matrix, allowing the deal to go ahead as she believed that Sati was important, and able to restore herself in a new physical appearance.

In reality, the real-world actress who played her part, Gloria Foster, died in the middle of filming The Matrix Reloaded due to complications of diabetes, and was replaced by Mary Alice. When Neo finds himself imprisoned in Mobil Avenue , Trinity and Morpheus, with help of Seraph who is given to them by Oracle to guide them and protect them from Agents if the need arises, takes the initiative to find Neo and rescue him from the clutches of the Merovingian , whose henchman, the Trainman , runs the construct imprisoning Neo.

The Merovingian proposes that Neo can be freed if Trinity brings him the eyes of the Oracle [2] but is forced to release Neo by Trinity, who holds him at gunpoint. In their last conversation, the Oracle tells Neo that he must still reach the Source, but now she states that the Source resides in the Machine City , a vision he experienced while in Mobil Avenue. She warns that Smith , whose clones are assimilating everyone in the Matrix and causing it to fail faster than normal, is Neo's opposite. The Oracle gives a final comment: "Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo.

After Neo's departure, Smith appears to confront the Oracle, mocking her with her inability to act against him, but the Oracle simply coolly tells him to do what he came here to do. He then copies over her, creating a new Smith who laughs as he receives her power. Neo succeeds in reaching the Machine City, at a price: Trinity is killed in the crash of their hovercraft , the Logos , and Neo was blinded by Bane some time earlier.

He makes a proposal to the Deus Ex Machina in exchange for ridding the virulent Smith from the Matrix.

Neo is initially unsuccessful; a copy of Smith, earlier, had surrounded and assimilated the Oracle herself, and in doing so has her powers, which are remarkably similar to but more powerful than Neo's own. The two have an epic fight on and above the streets of the damaged Mega City, but Smith's powers from the assimilated Oracle prove too strong for Neo to counter fully.

An exhausted Neo listens to Smith proclaiming victory, telling that, with the Oracle's powers, he can already see his victory. Neo may have remembered the Oracle's conversation about choice on the apartment playground days before:.

The Oracle

Smith also finds himself repeating words said to Neo by the Oracle hours before: "Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo. Neo gives in and lets Smith copy over him, killing Neo. When the machines realize he's dead they retrieve the prime program within Neo, resetting the matrix and destroying Smith. The Deus Ex Machina quotes, " It is done ".

After the Matrix is reloaded, all of the programs possessed by Smith are free. The Oracle reappears sitting on a park bench, looking at a sunrise created by Sati. The Architect appears and The Oracle asks if he will keep his promise and give peace to the humans. The Architect agrees to do so and walks away saying that this peace may last.

Then Sati and Seraph appear to the Oracle saying that Neo saved everyone.

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When Sati asks if Neo will come back, the Oracle is hopeful that he will return. Seraph also asks the Oracle if she knew this new day of peace would come. The Oracle simply replied, "No. But I believed. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

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Biography Edit The Oracle baking cookies. The Oracle tells Neo about the exiles and the Keymaker. The Oracle giving her final message to Neo. Agent Smith and his clones arrived to assimilate The Oracle.


Neo may have remembered the Oracle's conversation about choice on the apartment playground days before: " Oracle: Candy? Jun 11, Minutes Buy. Jun 25, ISBN Jun 11, ISBN Jun 11, Minutes. In A. The oracle tells the king that a high priestess cast a curse upon the Vandal Kingdom after a sacred scroll was stolen.

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In order to lift the curse, the scroll must be returned to its rightful home. But the kingdom falls before the scroll is found, leaving its location a great mystery.

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But their mission becomes infinitely more complicated when they run afoul of a band of robbers. The group takes Remi and several students hostage, and there are signs that the kidnapping is related to the missing scroll. The Fargos need all their skills to save the lives of the young girls at the school before they uncover the hidden treasure. This entry may be the best yet in the series. Read An Excerpt. Hardcover —.